Teenagers are not known for their forgiving, easygoing nature, so if you're throwing a party for one you're most likely going to be very keen to get it right. Luckily, at Hampshire DJs we have built a team of reliable, talented professionals who have the skills needed to deliver an awesome party to meet the expectations of even the most demanding teenager.

Book a pop DJ with us and they can choose from a collection of over 10,000 songs which is updated constantly, ensuring that the music we play is never dated but can also include all those retro classics teenagers often love. We are also careful to select radio edits when relevant so that no explicit lyrics are heard by younger guests or anyone who might be offended by them.

In addition to great music, we also offer other services such as laser lighting, video screens, and dry ice. Unlike other DJ companies in Hampshire, we can even accommodate a live music element, perhaps if your teenager or a friend is in a band and would like to perform. In fact, we pride ourselves in doing whatever it takes to give your child the perfect teens disco for them.

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