Turning twenty-one is special for all sorts of reasons, not least because it may well be the time that you are able to choose exactly the sort of birthday party you would like, with exactly the party music you want. Slightly less appealing is the fact that it could also be the fist big birthday party you actually have to pay for yourself.

Fortunately, at Hampshire DJs we offer a cost effective service that doesn't have any of the undesirable hallmarks of most other cheap DJ hire services. With over 10,000 tracks to choose from you can have whatever music you can imagine, either chosen in detail by yourself or selected by one of our experienced, Hampshire based DJs based on your preferences.

We can also decorate the venue to your specifications, and we have many additional services available such as mood lighting or retro disco balls which you can choose to include as add-ons to our budget package. The end result will be a party which is unique to you that won't feel as though you've skimped on cost one bit.

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