While we understand that school prom entertainment might not be thing first thing headmasters think of when drawing up the annual school budget, at Hampshire DJs we passionately believe in the importance of the excellent school disco DJ service we provide.

After all, teachers work hard throughout the year to get the most from their students, not least by motivating them with the prospect of an amazing end of year disco. So this much anticipated event has to live up to expectations if it is to continue to in this important role.

To help you achieve this, we work hard to provide a service which students, teachers and parents alike can be happy with. We do this by ensuring that the music we provide caters for the surprisingly varied tastes of young people while remaining age-appropriate at all times, and by taking care to deliver an event which is well organised and runs smoothly and on schedule.

The end result is a school disco experience that students enjoy, and a service that teachers from across Hampshire and beyond are happy to return to year after year.

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