Celebrating a child's 16th birthday is an emotional event for any parent. It seems like only yesterday that they were just a babe in arms, yet here they are almost ready to go out into the world without you. And as if that wasn't enough, all that strange pop music they listen to makes you feel about a hundred years old. It's enough to make even the toughest parent weepy.

But save those tears, because the team at Hampshire DJs is here to provide a chart music DJ experience the whole family will love. Far from being limited to just music for teens, our selection of over 10,000 tracks spans the decades, from glam rock to banging techno, so there's bound to be something for all your guests to enjoy.

If you've decided to go down the slightly riskier route of allowing your child to give the oldies a well-earned rest and invite just their friends to their party, we have all the latest hits at our disposal and can make your venue feel just like the trendiest nightclub in Hampshire. So book a DJ with us, and make sure your child's 16th birthday party is a bona fide smash hit!

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